Zenkoji Temple


About Zenkoji

Outline of Zenkoji Temple

Zenkoji Main Hall

・Foundation: 642 AD
・Sect: Non Sect (Independent from Sect)
・Main Image: Amida Triad Sharing One Halo
・Founder: Yoshimitsu Honda

The history of Zenkoji temple started in 642, when Yoshimitsu Honda enshrined a Buddhist Image at the present site.
The main image was created in India and introduced into Japan with Buddhism via Paekche in Korean Peninsula in 552. It is called “The Image of Sangoku Denrai” in Japanese.
The image has been believed to lead all the people to the Buddhist Pure Land regardless of their status, gender or creed. It has been earnestly worshipped by many people from those in power at the time to the common people.
The main image was completely hidden from the people in 654, and since then no one has ever been allowed to see it.
The temple name “Zenkoji” literally means “Yoshimitsu’ s temple”. It is read as “Zenkoji” by another way of reading of the Chinese characters.